RCBG Client Starcom MediaVest Acquires RUN

CHICAGO, IL – RCBG, a strategy and advisory firm specialized in TMT [telecom, media, technology], announced the acquisition by its client, Starcom MediaVest Group, a unit of Publicis Groupe, of RUN, a leading programmatic advertising platform for mobile environments.  RUN’s unique data sets and IDs, atop their data management platform (DMP), will incorporate important data from mobile carriers and connected devices.  This optimizes pattern-based insights and improves predictability and engagement based on consumer interests.

RUN, based in New York City, has complied over 800 million unique profiles, which help improve the targeting, performance and value of mobile advertising.

“This acquisition will accelerate Publicis Groupe’s digital capabilities in the mobile space”, noted Laura Desmond, Global CEO of Starcom MediaVest Group, in the company’s press release.  “The role of the agency has changed. We are no longer negotiating on traditional currencies; we’re negotiating on data and technologies.  RUN provides the opportunity to break down walled gardens of data across all screens and devices to become a real, meaningful differentiator in how we service current clients and beyond.”

RCBG focuses on technology-based innovation in advertising and marketing, for brands, agencies, and holding companies.  This is a natural and important extension of networks themselves, beyond access,   to deliver entertainment, productivity and communication services.

‘Monetization of content and data have fueled the growth of the Internet, primarily through advertising,” said Tyler Burke, senior analyst at RCBG.  “Now advertising can leverage the adoption of mainstream consumer devices and behaviors, to improve the value of engagement for advertisers and, ideally, the end-users themselves”.

Terms of the transaction were not disclosed.

About RCBG
RCBG provides business strategy and advisory services for companies and investors.

The firm provides advisory services for identifying and executing strategic opportunities, often those created by emerging technologies in TMT [telecom, media, technology].  Our support allows leadership to operate from a highly-informed perspective, alert to what is possible, at risk, and ultimately worth time and capital. Clients include the leading telecom infrastructure providers, service providers, brands and agencies, and strategic investors including corporations, venture capital and private equity.

RCBG is headquartered in Chicago, IL.

For more information, please call +1 312 628 6400 or visit www.rcbg.com

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