Markey to Chair Panel at Media Summit

CHICAGO, IL – William Markey, President of RCBG, will chair two panels at a forthcoming conference in Los Angeles, CA. The panels and participants will address changes in business models for advertising, and the implications of web-ready televisions.

“I’m looking forward to joining panelists in the discussion of these key issues and potential outcomes,” Markey said. “IP has flattened most economics, while creating new models and options for consumers. Finding a profitable steady-state among content, distribution and consumption is the challenge.”

The event, the Media Innovations Summit, will be held 27-28 September 2010 in Los Angeles, CA. Speakers will include executives from studios, programmers, content aggregators, fixed and mobile service providers, and technology developers. Markey’s panels include Capturing Opportunity in Web/TV Convergence and Essential Advertising Metrics: What Matters and Where Are We in the Standards Process?. Current panelists include Google, Nielsen, Time Warner and Fourth Wall Media.

For more information on the event see and on Markey see bio.

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The firm provides advisory services for identifying and executing strategic opportunities, often those created by emerging technologies in TMT [telecom, media, technology]. Our support allows leadership to operate from a highly-informed perspective, alert to what is possible, at risk, and ultimately worth time and capital. Clientele include the leading telecom infrastructure providers, service providers, digital media and content providers, and investors including corporations, venture capital and private equity.

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