Change is the only constant.

Of course, we all know that, but it hardly makes it easier to navigate. It’s tempting to find a safe harbor and batten down. But eventually you realize the compass and charts still work the same, despite the weather, and that somewhere skies are blue.

In good times or bad, informed decision-making is the basis for successful outcomes. And whether you’re looking at costs, revenue, restructuring or growth, knowing what matters and why is more than prudent. It’s a requirement.

RCBG helps companies with strategy and execution, often around emerging technologies and business models. We identify opportunity, evaluate risk, interpret markets and guide action. Our focus is TMT: telecom, media & technology. The firm’s clients include service providers, infrastructure suppliers, content owners, and investors including private equity and venture capital. Services range from strategic planning to M&A.

And these days, providing the occasional map.